Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pop Explosion with guests Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Karen Grenier April 18, 2018

1)Elton John  "I'm Still Standing"

2)Gladys Knight "IF I Were Your Woman"

3)Joe Perry "I"ll Do Happiness"

4)Karen Grenier "It Gets Better"

5)Empty County "Empty County" 

6)Joe Perry  "Spanish Sushi"

7)Jack Phillips  "Raging Down on Me"

     Phillips expresses a rocking blues with his vocal and an extrapolation of Janis Joplin's resurrection of the blues classic, "Down on Me."  Exquisite organ complements the piano, drums and bass on this fun number that has a message and is easy to dance to.

8)Halo and the Harlots / Lynne Taylor "Numb"

9)Aerosmith "Let the Music Do the Talking"

10)Fat Randy - If I Were Not Diogenes (I, too, Would Wish to be Diogenes)

11)Aaron Chase "Mascara"

12)Floor People   "Hydrogen, or Deep Learning"

13)Peter Calo "Friend"

14)Bryan Ferry  "It's My Party"

15)Betty Everett   "1900 Yesterday"

16)Bobby Hebb "Don't Tear Me Down"

17)Eric Lee

18)Karen Grenier Live Superhero from Crazy Love CD

19)Humble Pie "Thirty Days in the Hole"

20)Joe Perry  "Eve of Destruction"

21)Audioscam Baby Done Bad

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 11, 2018 Joe Vig Pop Explosion

The Pop Explosion for April 11, 2018
 Part 1

Part 2

1)Janis Joplin  "To Love Somebody"

2)Joe Perry "I'll Do Happiness"

3)Elsewhere   "Don't You Believe Me Baby"

4)Bob Dylan  "New Morning"

5)Stains of a Sunflower 
Episode 1 of a webisode series about Boston based band STAINS OF A SUNFLOWER

6)Steve Keith  "Horse Latitudes"

7)The Doors "Horse Latitudes"

8)Empty County Band  "Die Alone"

9)The Rolling Stones "Sway" (Live)

10)Hudson Stanton   "Chocolate"

11)Sly and the Family Stone  "Stand"

12)The Kinks "Stop Your Sobbing"

13)Pamela Ruby Russell  "Highway of Dreams"

14)John Cate  A Piece of this Town

15)Eric Linter Astrology March 2018

16)Ian Cat   Shake the Sheets from East Coast New England Boy

17)Stains of a Flower    February (Acoustic)

18)Sunlight "Stains of a Sunflower"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017 Pop Explosion Ray Paul Interview


1Marianne Faithful  - Angel  (Fleetwood Mac trib)

2)Zion Rodman - You Won't Know - You're Invited

3)Jo Jo Laine and the Firm - When the Boy's Happy

4)Todd Rundgren  - I Saw the Light

5)The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

6)Time Traveler - Survive

7)Concert Report - Massachusetts

 Ray Paul Interview

Marie Mazzeo of Kitty Connection on the air
Heather Mack guest

8)Procol Harum - Some When

9)Ray Paul "I Need Your Love Tonight"

10)Fred Gillen Jr.  - Where Are You Fallen Angel?

11)Hummingbird Syndicate "Sometimes It Just Gets This Way"

12)Modern Day Idols  "Almost Glad to See You

13)Emmit Roads - "Lullabye"

14)Melanie  "Ruby Tuesday"

15)Concert Report   Mike Feeney / Boston

16) Nico "These Days" 

for Roy Moore
17)Andrea True Connection - More More More

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017 Joe Vig Pop Explosion

Wednesday  August 30, 2017

1)The Sidney Green Street Band   - Last Beer and Testament 

2)Roxy Music  "Virginia Plain"

3)Concert Report with Mike Feeney

4)Leon of Athens  Fire Inside You

5)Pamela Ruby Russell - Sounds of the Sea

6)Eric Linter Astrology - August Miracle

7)Peter Calo - Sail Away

8)This is Boston Free Radio

9)Astrid North and Bobby Hebb "Sunny" 

10)Metal Pistol - Toxic Sin

11)Tom Hillery Interview

12)I Am Dracula, with Perry Mason Theme

13)Audioscam  Thank You

14)Kenny Selcer   Kenny's Tune
 Hear Kenny Selcer at 10 PM 8-30-17 Boston Free Radio

15)Sway Casey - Summer Trippin'

16)VooDoo Child

17)Little Wing

18)Concert Report

August 23

Part 1 of show
Terrific 2nd interview with Jonathan Edwards

Part 2   Jonathan Edwards

On today's Pop Explosion, "Fury In Your Eyes" to start things off, "I'm A Star," Mike's Concert Report, Laurence Juber "Won't Get Fooled Again" instrumental, Pete Townshend PSA, Frank's movie reviews and more!

1)Bonjour Aviators  Fury in Your Eyes
You can hear this song 9/30/17  in Hull!
2)Le Comte - I'm A Star
from the legendary 4 Star review song by the man Playboy Magazine called one of "Boston's 5 Best Bands."  Also called "Logical" by Judge LaMothe and "Delusional" by City Solicitor Rumley.

Mark, I wrote "I'm a Star" about people like you.

It's not's about ...about...
3)Concert Report

4)Laurence Juber of Wings "Won't Get Fooled Again"

5)Logan Lucky   Movie Review

6)Kidnap   Movie Review

7)The Glass Castle movie review

8)Jonathan "Sunshine" Edwards interview to 2 PM

9)Jonathan Edwards "She Loves You"
Beatles cover

10)Concert Report

11)Candy Reed "Give Me Love"

12)Lou Reed "Candy Says" with Antony

13)Bo Diddley  "Pills"

14)Roxy Music "Editions of You"

15)National Lampoon  "Magical Misery Tour"
with Melissa Manchester as "Yoko" and Tony Hendra as John Lennon with the amazing John Lennon interview that spawned the parody mixed in by Joe Vig's lunacy!
16)Third Rail  - Down High

17)Jonathan Edwards "People Get Ready"

18)Network: I'm Mad as Hell and NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

19)The Guilloteenagers   "Fifty Seconds"

20)Highway Chapel    Nobody Cryin

21)Limestone Sun   On the Town

22)Jonathan Edwards    Get Together

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 16, 2017 Pop Explosion with Jon Pousette-Dart Interview

1)Surprise Song

2)Christie  "Yellow River"

3)Third Rail  "Rondy Rush"

"He greases his fist...he drinks hot water..."  Yikes...two songs that should not be played in a row ...if a car is in the fire lane, throw some hot water...

4)Concert Report

5)Little Girl Blue Film Trailer  Janis Joplin

6)Three film reviews... with Frank Dello Stritto

Good Time with Robert Pattison

7)Jeffland     Peaceful Death

8)Janis Joplin  Me and Bobby McGee

Interview with Jon Pousette Dart

9)Janis Joplin  Sunday Morning Coming Down

10)Rosedale  Space Mountain

11)Mikey Wax   Take Me Home

12)Elsewhere  "Retreat"

13)Concert Report with Mike Feeney

14)Positive Negative Man  "Newpoort Beach"

15)Highway Chapel  "Peace"

16)Jon Pousette-Dart  Who I Am

17)Resonate  "Open Your Eyes"

18)Lou Reed  "Coney Island Baby"

19)Ian Hunter  "Ghosts" 

20)The Beachnuts with Lou Reed  "Cycle Annie"

21)Rosedale  "Quicksand" 

22)Quicksilver Messenger Service  "Fresh Air"

23)John E Funk  "Piece of Pie"

24)Resonate  "Shadow Trap"

25)Rolling Stones  "Wild Horse"

26)Ian Hunter Dandy