Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pop Explosion with guests Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Karen Grenier April 18, 2018

1)Elton John  "I'm Still Standing"

2)Gladys Knight "IF I Were Your Woman"

3)Joe Perry "I"ll Do Happiness"

4)Karen Grenier "It Gets Better"

5)Empty County "Empty County" 

6)Joe Perry  "Spanish Sushi"

7)Jack Phillips  "Raging Down on Me"

     Phillips expresses a rocking blues with his vocal and an extrapolation of Janis Joplin's resurrection of the blues classic, "Down on Me."  Exquisite organ complements the piano, drums and bass on this fun number that has a message and is easy to dance to.

8)Halo and the Harlots / Lynne Taylor "Numb"

9)Aerosmith "Let the Music Do the Talking"

10)Fat Randy - If I Were Not Diogenes (I, too, Would Wish to be Diogenes)

11)Aaron Chase "Mascara"

12)Floor People   "Hydrogen, or Deep Learning"

13)Peter Calo "Friend"

14)Bryan Ferry  "It's My Party"

15)Betty Everett   "1900 Yesterday"

16)Bobby Hebb "Don't Tear Me Down"

17)Eric Lee

18)Karen Grenier Live Superhero from Crazy Love CD

19)Humble Pie "Thirty Days in the Hole"

20)Joe Perry  "Eve of Destruction"

21)Audioscam Baby Done Bad

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