Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017 Joe Vig Pop Explosion

Wednesday  August 30, 2017

1)The Sidney Green Street Band   - Last Beer and Testament 

2)Roxy Music  "Virginia Plain"

3)Concert Report with Mike Feeney

4)Leon of Athens  Fire Inside You

5)Pamela Ruby Russell - Sounds of the Sea

6)Eric Linter Astrology - August Miracle

7)Peter Calo - Sail Away

8)This is Boston Free Radio

9)Astrid North and Bobby Hebb "Sunny" 

10)Metal Pistol - Toxic Sin

11)Tom Hillery Interview

12)I Am Dracula, with Perry Mason Theme

13)Audioscam  Thank You

14)Kenny Selcer   Kenny's Tune
 Hear Kenny Selcer at 10 PM 8-30-17 Boston Free Radio

15)Sway Casey - Summer Trippin'

16)VooDoo Child

17)Little Wing

18)Concert Report

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