Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pop Explosion Nov. 9, Nov 2

November 8, 2016
Not my President Show
The Pop Explosion for November 9, 2016

12:49 PM REVOLUTION - une in to my Revolution themed show today November 9, 2016 On right now 1-3 pm - my Editorials on Donald Trump in this bogus election. Call in 1-617-500-4679

12:54 pm
Joe Viglione "For mind's that hate," John Lennon, persecuted by our government for his opinion. Americans lacking any semblance of intelligence put some TV friendly moron into office while, most likely, the popular vote went to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Rod Stewart's version of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready."

12:33 pm  Joe Viglione Bob Dylan/Bette Midler "Buckets of Rain" "You don't throw out the brain surgeon for Moe, Larry and Curly; that's what putting inexperienced Trump in rather than a seasoned veteran. Ian Hunter's "Dandy," Bryan Adams "Sunny," Steve Gilligan "The Sun Belongs to Everyone," Barrence Whitfield singing the Stones "Under my Thumb," Alice Cooper "I'm 18" live

2:08 pm To an officer of the law on Facebook:  This writer is like no other media you have ever read. Donald Moe Larry and Curly are now in the operating room and they kicked the brain surgeon out. Great. "You're very logical," Judge LaMothe to Joe Viglione when I beat TV3 on 3 counts; "You're an intelligent man" Judge Fitzpatrick. But why listen to respected judges? 
1)The Beatles   "Revolution"

2)Rod Stewart "People Get Ready"

3)Bette Midler/Bob Dylan "Buckets of Rain"
produced by my dear friend, the late Mark "Moogy" Klingman
4)Ian Hunter  "Dandy"

5)Bryan Adams  "Sunny:

6)Steve Gilligan "The Sun Belongs to Anyone"

7)Barrence Whitfield and the Savages
"Under My Thumb" (Rolling Stones cover, live)

8)Alice Cooper   "I'm 18" LIVE from
The Alice Cooper Show

9)Stratospheerius   "Today is Tomorrow"

10)Bruce Sudano "Rainy Day Soul"

11)The Beatles  Revolution #9

12)Effzero  "Don't You (Forget about me)"

13)The Beatles Revolution #9 Part II

14)Klugman "Camisole"

15)The Beatles  "Revolution #9 Part III"

16)The Beatles   Revolution #1

17)Jann Klose  "Beautiful Dream"

18)Tommy James "I Think We're Alone Now"

19)Peter Calo "One Step Ahead of Crazy"

20)Wis a wiS  "007 Theme"
21)Wayoutz   "And Your Bird Can Sing"

22)The Rollig Stones "Paint it Black"
Live in Cuba

23)The Complaints  "Elena"

24)Jeffland   "Spontaneity"

25)The Animals "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

26)Angel Corpus Christie
I'm A Believer/Downtown/Silhouettes

27)Look Sharp   Letter

28)Herman's Hermits  I'm Into Something Good

29)Chicken Slacks  "I'm in Love"

30)Instant Shawarma  "The Fold"

31)Beach Boys Instrumental
Do It Again  

Joe and Alan crossover to Voices of Time 
32)Rock e Rollins with Sal Baglio

33)Stains of a Sunflower  "Spells"


 November 1, 2016

Having tons of fun on the Pop Explosion

1)Ian Hunter  "When I'm President"

2)Hayden Arp  "Gabriel"

3)Iggy Pop  "Fun Time"

4)Ian Lloyd  "Wonderful World"

5)Feed the Kitty  "Free"

6)John LaPrade "Blind"

Frank Dello Stritto and Joe Vig on
movies Dr. Strange and Inferno

7)Four Point Restraints "Headin' East"

8)The Instincts  "Made of Water"

9)Lou Reed and Antoni  "Candy Says"

10)Robin McNamara Interview

The Prophet and the King

12)Fred Gillen Jr.  "Silence of the Night"

13)Steve Gilligan "The Sun Belongs to Anyone"

14)Stains of a Sunflower "Spells"

15)Kid Gulliver  "I'm Not In Love"

16)Jon  Butcher "Foxy Lady"

17)The Rolling Stones "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
October  26, 201 6

October 26, 2016 Joe Vig Pop Explosion on Boston Free Radio Dot Com

849,185 @  2:01 pm
845,179  @ 1:46 pm

1)The Doors   You Make Me Real

2)Cass Elliot   I Think A Lot About You

3)Len Barry   1-2-3

4)Rob Mostert Hammond Group "Them Changes"
(Buddy Miles tune played in Hendrix Gypsys)

5)Richie Parsons  "Mix Tape"

6)Abba   S.O.S.

7)Adam Ezra   "Like An Angel"

8)Instant Shawarma  "Waves"

9)Peter Calo "Elephants Never Forget"

10)Bruce Springsteen  "Gypsy Woman"
from the Curtis Mayfield Tribute CD

11)Arlen  Tell Me

12)Apollo Blue    "Little Room"

13)Herman's Hermits  "Silhouettes"

14)Feed the Kitty   "Free"

15)Jack Bruce Orchestra "Sunshine of Your Love"

16)Doug Osborne "Serious Fun"

17)Steve Keith  "Crush"

18)Girl on Top   "Dream On"

19)Elsewhere "Retreat" 

20)Halley DeVestern  "Superhero Killer"

21)Dr. Strange Movie Trailer's 1 and 3

22)The Instincts   Made of Water

23)Alan J Patterson speaks

24)Hayden Arp   In the Fading Light

25)Ian Hunter    "Dandy"

26)Kid Gulliver    "You'll Never Know"

27)Guns of Brighton  "Heroe's of the Past"

October 19, 2016


Joe Vig Pop Explosion 1 PM today IGGY POP, brand new album, World Premiere

839,837 @ 1:00 pm
stay tuned

1)Anthony Newley   Goldfinger

2)Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire

3)Clint Eastwood  PSA

4)Limestone Sun    On The Town

5)Elsewhere   We've Got a Movement

6)Audioscam - Abba Medley

7)Audioscam interview

8)Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby

Dello Stritto Reviews  the new Japanese Godzilla reboot as well as Ben Affleck in The Accountant.

9)Iggy Pop CHINA GIRL  premiere - brand new boxed set from IGGY POP, Live at the Royal Albert Hall May 13 2016
We just got it in the mail yesterday,  you hear it today!!!!

Betcha we are the ONLY station in Massachusetts playing it on October 19, 2016!

Iggy Rules.  Saw him in an elevator in 1976 and said "You look like a friend of mine.  James."   

"I'm James" Iggy Pop replied.   

"James Osterberg" I said.  He replied "That's me!"  We hung out for the next two days and he introduced me to David Bowie. We had to entertain them I hit on some married man behind us at the bar.  They loved it!!!!
10)John E Funk and the Skunks    Debbie
11)Ian Hunter  "Ghosts"

12)PSA The Matrix (the film)

13)Instant Shawarma  "Waves"

14)Lady Pills  Shapes You Will Forget 

15)Joe Cocker   I'll Cry Instead 

16)The Rolling Stones  "Heaven" (off Tattoo You)

17)CosMC  "Never Knew"

From our upcoming EP, due out in Autumn of 2016
Recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in June 2016 
Engineered by Chris McLaughlin 
Mixed by Ashley Guerrero 
Produced by CosMc 

Art by Alex Miklowski

17)Joe Perry  "Black Velvet Pants"

18)Bob Dylan  If Not For You

Mickey Talks

19) Digital Prisoner of War   Bela Bar Talk

20)Big Star   Thirteen

21)Def Leppard  Search and Destroy (Iggy Pop song)

22)James and Bobby Purify  I'm Your Puppet
(For Mike McGlynn from Darth Stephanie)

Copyright (C)2016 audio all rights reserved

October 12, 2016

Part 2 of the Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Joe Vig Pop Explosion with music from Bruce Sudano of Brooklyn Dreams and Alive n Kicking, Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival, Rolling Stones extended version, regional music from Feed the Kitty, Gary Santarella / Ditto, Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" live and more!
Our discussion of the new Jimi Hendrix CD Machine Gun is scheduled for October 19th, plus special on-air guests. Thanks to Heather Mack - station manager of Boston Free Radio dot com at Somerville Access TV, Ed Wrobleski of Talking Hendrix and to you for listening!

Part 2 Joe Vig Pop Explosion 10-12-16 Bruce Sudano, Roy Orbinson, Feed the Kitty, Jimi Hendrix!

October 5, 2016

Photo - Erik Taros at BOSTON FREE RADIO October 5, 2016 - A discussion of the new Eight Days a Week film with Erik Taros, Frank Dello Stritto talks about Deepwater Hotizon and , Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. "Trust Me" from Janis Joplin in honor of the 46th Anniversary of her passing along with great music from NRBQ, Badfinger, The Beatles and more! PRODUCED AND HOSTED by Joe Viglione

September 28, 2016

Joe Vig Pop Explosion September 28, 2016 Dead Boots, Air Traffic Controller

Pop Explosion 9-28-16

1)Dead Boots - I Don't Even Know Your Name

2)Air Traffic Controller - You Know Me

3)Ian Hunter   When I'm President

4)Little Eva   The Locomotion

5)Jimi Hendrix   Power of Soul

6)Ian Hunter  "Stranded in Reality"

7)Beatles  Revolution

8)Joe Cocker  Just like a Woman

9)Beatles   Twist and Shout

Dello Stritto  Magnificent 7 film review, Sully

10)The Doors  Changeling

11)Peter Calo Interview

12)Ian Hunter   Morpheus

13)Peter Calo   "Every Ordinary Day"

14)Carly Simon  "Legend In Your Own Time"

15)Richard Thompson  "Shenandoah"

16Peter Calo   Don't Ever Go Away"

17)Carly Simon  "Just Like A Woman"

18)Hank Williams  "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"

19)Chris Dalla Riva  "Somewhere Under the Rainbow"
Lead single to Chris Dalla Riva's EP, "I Want You to Know." 

20)Gary Santarella "Don't Kick Me When I'm Down"
Happy Birthday Gary - 9-28

21)Jesse and Hogg Bros   Biker Ann

22)Rollo Tomasi  Quartet  "If You Want Me To Stay

23)Carly Simon  "The Right Thing To Do"

24)Mikey Wax   "Bottle of Jack"

25)Facc Tones  "Psychic Barber"

September 21, 2016

As recorded at Somerville Community Access Television, Boston Free Radio the September 21, 2016 episode of Visual Radio with a review of Snowden, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt film by critic Frank Dello Stritto and host Joe Viglione, plus music from Ditto, Positive Negative entitled Chaos in Union Square.
Photo Joe Viglione, Mickey Bliss and Nicole Anzuoni at the Mickey Bliss Mansion at an undisclosed location September 26, 2016 at 11 pm, immediately after the Hillary Clinton Debate against The Tronald.

November 16, 2016 Joe Vig Pop Explosion on @ Somerville Community TV

The Joe Vig Pop Explosion  November 16, 2016

1)Crosby, Stills, Nash    "Marakesh Express"

2)Marilyn Manson   "The Dope Show"

3)Barry Manilow  "Venus"

4)April Martin   "One Kiss in the Rain"
5)Jeff Mastrobert   "Recall"

Jeffland interview

6)Stains of a Sunflower    "I Love"

7)Santana  "With a Little Help from My Friends"

8)Bette Midler  "Strangers in the Night"

9)Supremes   "Strangers in the Night"

10)David Bowie   "Waiting for the Man"

11)Jesse / Hogg Brothers  "White Trash Meth Lab"

12)Jimi Hendrix   "Drifting"

13)Phoebe Legere Interview 
The Demo That Got The Deal with Epic Records

14)Kim Carnes   Bette Davis Eyes   acoustic

15)  Phoebe Legere Trust Me
Phoebe Legere is the original Lady GaGa I know for a fact that she watched Phoebe perform in NY night clubs. Phoebe came on the scene with the East Village arts & music scene of the early 80's. Years later she is still performing and knocking them dead. She has appeared in movies, tv and so much more this particular song was released on the CBS label as a 12 inch. I have lots more to tell you about Phoebe visit the Vusicexpress facebook page to find out more about Phoebe and the Vusic Express video collection. You can also find out more about where Lady GaGa got her persona.

16)Jon Butcher Axis  "Wait Until Tomorrow"

17)The Guilloteenagers   50 Seconds

18)The Complaints   "Come Back"

18)Mystics Anonymous  "Dreaming Interlude"

19)Peter Calo  "Sail Away"

20)Keith Linscott   "Will I Ever See You Again"

21)Phoebe Snow  ""In my Girlish Days"