Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017 Pop Explosion Ray Paul Interview


1Marianne Faithful  - Angel  (Fleetwood Mac trib)

2)Zion Rodman - You Won't Know - You're Invited

3)Jo Jo Laine and the Firm - When the Boy's Happy

4)Todd Rundgren  - I Saw the Light

5)The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

6)Time Traveler - Survive

7)Concert Report - Massachusetts

 Ray Paul Interview

Marie Mazzeo of Kitty Connection on the air
Heather Mack guest

8)Procol Harum - Some When

9)Ray Paul "I Need Your Love Tonight"

10)Fred Gillen Jr.  - Where Are You Fallen Angel?

11)Hummingbird Syndicate "Sometimes It Just Gets This Way"

12)Modern Day Idols  "Almost Glad to See You

13)Emmit Roads - "Lullabye"

14)Melanie  "Ruby Tuesday"

15)Concert Report   Mike Feeney / Boston

16) Nico "These Days" 

for Roy Moore
17)Andrea True Connection - More More More

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017 Joe Vig Pop Explosion

Wednesday  August 30, 2017

1)The Sidney Green Street Band   - Last Beer and Testament 

2)Roxy Music  "Virginia Plain"

3)Concert Report with Mike Feeney

4)Leon of Athens  Fire Inside You

5)Pamela Ruby Russell - Sounds of the Sea

6)Eric Linter Astrology - August Miracle

7)Peter Calo - Sail Away

8)This is Boston Free Radio

9)Astrid North and Bobby Hebb "Sunny" 

10)Metal Pistol - Toxic Sin

11)Tom Hillery Interview

12)I Am Dracula, with Perry Mason Theme

13)Audioscam  Thank You

14)Kenny Selcer   Kenny's Tune
 Hear Kenny Selcer at 10 PM 8-30-17 Boston Free Radio

15)Sway Casey - Summer Trippin'

16)VooDoo Child

17)Little Wing

18)Concert Report

August 23

Part 1 of show
Terrific 2nd interview with Jonathan Edwards

Part 2   Jonathan Edwards

On today's Pop Explosion, "Fury In Your Eyes" to start things off, "I'm A Star," Mike's Concert Report, Laurence Juber "Won't Get Fooled Again" instrumental, Pete Townshend PSA, Frank's movie reviews and more!

1)Bonjour Aviators  Fury in Your Eyes
You can hear this song 9/30/17  in Hull!
2)Le Comte - I'm A Star
from the legendary 4 Star review song by the man Playboy Magazine called one of "Boston's 5 Best Bands."  Also called "Logical" by Judge LaMothe and "Delusional" by City Solicitor Rumley.

Mark, I wrote "I'm a Star" about people like you.

It's not's about ...about...
3)Concert Report

4)Laurence Juber of Wings "Won't Get Fooled Again"

5)Logan Lucky   Movie Review

6)Kidnap   Movie Review

7)The Glass Castle movie review

8)Jonathan "Sunshine" Edwards interview to 2 PM

9)Jonathan Edwards "She Loves You"
Beatles cover

10)Concert Report

11)Candy Reed "Give Me Love"

12)Lou Reed "Candy Says" with Antony

13)Bo Diddley  "Pills"

14)Roxy Music "Editions of You"

15)National Lampoon  "Magical Misery Tour"
with Melissa Manchester as "Yoko" and Tony Hendra as John Lennon with the amazing John Lennon interview that spawned the parody mixed in by Joe Vig's lunacy!
16)Third Rail  - Down High

17)Jonathan Edwards "People Get Ready"

18)Network: I'm Mad as Hell and NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

19)The Guilloteenagers   "Fifty Seconds"

20)Highway Chapel    Nobody Cryin

21)Limestone Sun   On the Town

22)Jonathan Edwards    Get Together

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 16, 2017 Pop Explosion with Jon Pousette-Dart Interview

1)Surprise Song

2)Christie  "Yellow River"

3)Third Rail  "Rondy Rush"

"He greases his fist...he drinks hot water..."  Yikes...two songs that should not be played in a row ...if a car is in the fire lane, throw some hot water...

4)Concert Report

5)Little Girl Blue Film Trailer  Janis Joplin

6)Three film reviews... with Frank Dello Stritto

Good Time with Robert Pattison

7)Jeffland     Peaceful Death

8)Janis Joplin  Me and Bobby McGee

Interview with Jon Pousette Dart

9)Janis Joplin  Sunday Morning Coming Down

10)Rosedale  Space Mountain

11)Mikey Wax   Take Me Home

12)Elsewhere  "Retreat"

13)Concert Report with Mike Feeney

14)Positive Negative Man  "Newpoort Beach"

15)Highway Chapel  "Peace"

16)Jon Pousette-Dart  Who I Am

17)Resonate  "Open Your Eyes"

18)Lou Reed  "Coney Island Baby"

19)Ian Hunter  "Ghosts" 

20)The Beachnuts with Lou Reed  "Cycle Annie"

21)Rosedale  "Quicksand" 

22)Quicksilver Messenger Service  "Fresh Air"

23)John E Funk  "Piece of Pie"

24)Resonate  "Shadow Trap"

25)Rolling Stones  "Wild Horse"

26)Ian Hunter Dandy

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 9, 2017 Pop Explosion with Eddy Clearwater

Joe Vig Pop Explosion 
Joe Vig Pop Explosion
1)Blue Manic "Stoned"
2)John E Funk and the Skunks "Piece of Pie"
3)Trailer The Dark Tower
Joe Vig discusses Dark Tower
Frank Dello Stritto talks to Mike Feeney Concert report
4)Eddy Clearwater A Good Leavin' Alone
5)Positive Negative Man - Ice Queen of Outer Space
Copyright C 2017 Joe Viglione, photos and content
Concert Calendar Copyright C 2017 JV and Mike Feeney
PopExs Plosion Dot Blogspot dot com

part 2 

Pt 2 Mike Aroian Interview, ELSEWHERE, Concert Calendar Joe Vig Pop Explosion
6)Elsewhere "Retreat"
7)Instant Shawarma "Waves"
8)The War for the Planet of the Apes trailer
9)David Bowie, David Gilmour "Arnold Lane"
10)Concert Report
Good Vibrations instrumental
Transporter Instrumental
Nothing Like a Hit Instrumental
Sail Away
11)Mike Aroian Interview
12)Elsewhere Before the Stars Align
13)Wire One of Us
14)Positive Negative Man Newport Beach
15)Kat Quinn That String
16)The Guilloteenagers 50 Seconds
17)Peter Wolf Wastin' Time
18)Ian Hunter Dandy
Photo and content Copyright(C)2017 Joe Vig Pop Explosion
Concert Calendar Copyright C 2017 JV and Mike Feeney





Regent Theatre Film-Screening | Q & A Event!

Oscar-Nominated & Acclaimed Documentary, Back By Popular Demand with Big Brother Q&A!

Thursday, August 10th at 7:30pm

Janis Joplin’s Original Band - Big Brother & The Holding Company

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the "Summer of Love"

Friday, August 11th at 8pm


1)Blue Manic  "Stoned"

2)John E Funk and the Skunks "Piece of Pie"

3)Trailer  The Dark Tower

Joe Vig discusses Dark Tower

Frank Dello Stritto talks to Mike Feeney

Concert report

4)Eddy Clearwater  A Good Leavin' Alone

5)Positive Negative Man - Ice Queen of Outer Space

6)Elsewhere "Retreat"

7)Instant Shawarma  "Waves"

8)The War for the Planet of the Apes trailer

9)David Bowie, David Gilmour "Arnold Lane"

10)Concert Report

Good Vibrations   instrumental

Transporter  Instrumental

Nothing Like a Hit  Instrumental

Sail Away 

11)Mike Aroian Interview

12)Elsewhere  Before the Stars Align

13)Wire  One of Us

14)Positive Negative Man   Newport Beach

15)Kat Quinn   That String

16)The Guilloteenagers  50 Seconds

17)Peter Wolf  Wastin' Time

18)Ian Hunter   Dandy


strawberry fields forever   peter gabriel


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017 Pop Explosion - Featured album Buzz Cason

Joe Vig's Pop Explosion Wednesday Ides of March show

tune in live:

1)Buzz Cason   Walkin'

2)Geoff Bartley   "Down Payment on the Blues"

3)Jesse and the Hogg Brothers   "Biker Ann"

4)American Beauties  "Forever like the Sea"

5)Ides of March   Vehicle

6)Sidney Green St. Band   "Last Beer and Testament"

7)Carole King Live   The Locomotion

8)Laurence Juber  I Won't Last A Day Without You

9)Chicken Slacks Going to the Shack

10)Frank Dello Stritto on Robert Osborne
Duane Eddy   Gidget Goes Hawaiian

11)The Ventures   My Bonnie
King Kong Returns film review

12)The Voodoos   Voodoo Walk
Head Shot, Indonesian movie Frank Dello Stritto review

13)The Renegades  Ghost Train

14)Frank De Vol  "House on Haunted Hill"

15)Bookhouse Boys     Waste It

16)Feed The Kitty   California Country Girl

17)The Beauty Way  When I Came In 

18)Sev Grossman Interview

19)The Beauty Way   6, 7

20)Don't Kick me When I'm Down

21)Elsewhere   Don't You Believe Me Baby

22)If We Go At All  Anteroom

22)Mikey Wax  Bottle of Jack

23)The Facctones  Psychic Barber

24)5th Dimension Wedding Bell Blues

In The Blink of Life


Artist: Buzz Cason
Album: Passion
Eleven tracks

Review by Joe Viglione

Looking at Buzz Cason’s material on Discogs or and hearing his new Passion album one gets the sense that the music industry has an obligation to artists creating something as driving, catchy and important as this essential release.  An obligation to get this music into as many ears as possible.  Perfectly sequenced, be it track 6, “Like a Dog,” or that which follows, “Just as Gone,” wherever one drops the proverbial needle rocking, introspective and appealing melodies flow over the danceable undercurrent.  Cason’s voice is distinct and to the point.  The guitar riffs are key, a component Ian Hunter utilizes – though the two artists are on different sides of the fence, they’d be a complementary pairing in concert.  Hunter’s 10 song Fingers Crossed disc and Cason’s eleven tune Passion are releases by two masters in control of their sound and their message.  The music here rises above the categories and labels – “Americana,” “country rock,” “Southern pop,” the telling “Fear” is philosophical, as the aforementioned Hunter certainly likes to be, but – again – from a different perspective.  “We Soldiered On” feels like a paean to what Joe South and Gordon Lightfoot were fervently providing in the ‘70s, elaborating on those themes with superb production that brings each instrument its on space, the combination making for a listenable collection that stands up to dozens of spins.  I’ve kept this disc front and center for the better part of three weeks, and it begs repeated listens.    
Venturing to Cason’s Apple iTunes page  is like walking into a brick and mortar store and finding a stack of wax to plow through, especially for the listener unaware of this man who jammed with Elvis and put vocals on some of Presley’s posthumous releases.  The title track has lilting guitars that merge with the symphonic strings/keys while Buzz tells the story with an abundance of descriptive words, distilling into the one word chorus.”Passion.”   The harmonica on “Bread” sets the stage for this pop-goes-to-the-old-west essay.  Not the Jerry Ross composition that was famously on the flip side of Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny,” this “Bread” is a Cason original, personal manna from heaven as “there was a time when I thought life should give me a free pass,” diving into a chorus that is the solution.  Fans of Neil Young can find much power in these tracks, “Will You Love Me” having Young’s transcendence and grit.  Three of the eleven tracks reach over the four minute mark, the other seven within the pop confines of 2:49 to 3:27, succinct and trenchant, expressing a variety of emotions.  Be it “Walkin,” or “That’s the Way it Is,” the train chugs along with improvisational narratives that each deliver their own brand of fun.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

march 1 Pop Explosion 2017

1)U2  Everlasting Love

2)Buzz Cason   Passion

3)Gilbert Gottfried Happy Birthday Feb 28 with Buzzy Linhart

4)Dracula meets Perry  Mason

5)David Clayton Thomas SUNNY

6)Supremes  STONED LOVE

7)Diana Ross  Ain 't No Mountain High Enough

Garry Miles / Buzz Cason Look for a Star

Sly and the Family Stone   "Stand"

 Steve Dennis  Dhube

Steve Dennis   The Garden

Positive Negative Man   Newport Beach

Barbara Pittman   Everlasting Love

Feed the Kitty  California Country Girl

 Cy Curnin  Remember Me When I'm Gone

The Band with Neil Young   Helpless

The Beatles  Soldier of Love

Sidney Green Street Band Muscle Shoals 

Greg Hawkes  Eleanor Rigby

Blue Manic Stoned

March 3-24-17



Friday 3-24  $8.00

12 Intoxicated Rage
11 Deer Hollow
10 Screams of Hockomock

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 22, 2017 Joe Vig Pop Explosion

1)Janis Joplin  "Try  (Just a Little Bit Harder")

2)Lou Reed  "Dirty Boulevard"

3)John E. Funk and the Skunks  "Elevation"

4)Buzz Cason  "The Call" 

5)Elsewhere  "Retreat"

6)Frank Dello Stritto  Film review THE WALL

7)The Doors  Riders on the Storm  Remix

8)Frank Dello Stritto  Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf

9)Positive Negative Man  "Ice Queen Of Space"

10)The Yardbirds  Goodnight Sweet Josephine"
11)Guess Who   "American Woman"

12)Bachman/Turner Overdrive  "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

13)The Beatles  "Words of Love"

14)Alan Scott Bachman - Desert wWind Ecstasy
Interview with Horse Mode
 Horse Mode
15)Horse Mode B.S.

16)Horse Mode Highly Respected and Esteemed Acquaintences

17)The Who   Batman

18)Tai Bachman She's So High
19)Horse Mode Jazz and IPA's 

20)The Byrds  Feel A Whole Lot Better

21)The Mamas and the Papas  Somebody Groovey

22)Jeff Lynne Words of Love

23)Patti Smith  Words of Love

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 Joe Vig Pop Explosion 1 pm - 3 pm

1)Apollo Blue   Little Room

2)Peter Calo     Elephants Never Forget

3)Jack Bruce   Theme from an Imaginary Western

4)Jeff Masttroberti Spoken Word   "Why"

5)Ted Solovicos  "Why"

6)Frank Dello Stritto on the film "Split"

7)Bee Gees  "How Deep Is Your Love"

8)The Doors "Riders on the Storm" remix

9)The Rolling Stones  "Gimme Shelter" instrumental

10)Fred Steiner - "Park Avenue Beat" Theme to Perry Mason

11)Steely Dan  "Deacon Blues" Instrumental

12)Ike and Tina Turner  "Come Together"

13)Sidney Green St. Band  "Muscle Shoals"

14)James Discovers  "The Boats"

15)Positive Negative Man "Gasoline"

16)Lou Reed  "Crazy Feeling"

17)The Kinks  "20th Century Man"

18)Non-Zero Chance  "Renegade"

19)Adam Rivera  "Boulevard East"

20)John E Funk and the Skunks  "Elevation"

21)Ted Solovicos  "No Tomorrow"   

22)Dead Boots  "I Don't Even Know Your Name"

23)Responders   No End

24)Aaron Chase   "Take Me Away"

25)Raphaelle  "No More Pillow Talk"

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2016 Pop Explosion

1)Aaron Chase   "Stop Me"

2)Rich Wyman  "Everybody Loves You"

3)Dropbox Lady

4)Blue Manic  "Stoned"

5)Sidney Green St Band "Last Beer and Testament"

6)Geoff Bartley "Everything is 4 Sale"

7)Rich Wyman Interview

8)5th Dimension  "Wedding Bell Blues"

9)Alice Cooper "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Live

10)Beatles  "Don't Let Me Down"

11)Blood Sweat & Tears "Smiling Phases"

12)Diana Ross/Supremes "Reflections" Remix

13)Feed The Kitty  "California Country Girls"

14)Dracula Meets Perry Mason

15)Sly and Family Stone  "Stand"

16)Groove Mechanics   Instrumenal

17)Steely Dan w/Joe Vig vocals "Deacon Blues"

18)Aaron Chase "Take Me Away"

19)Mina  "It's Impossible"

20)Sidney Green St.  "Muscle Shoals"

21)New Seekers  "Friends Medley"

22)Pictures   "Last Call"

23)John E Funk  "One Way Road"

24)Steve Dennis    "Any Time Now"

25)Something Sneaky  "Pictures"

26)Bob Dylan  Ballad of a Thin Man Live

To play NEXT WEEK 1-25-17
American Beauties  "Forever Like The Sea"

V-32 e.p.

E.P.: V 32
Band:  Blue Manic

5 songs
Stoned, You Got It Made, Too Late, Porcupine, Black Dress

Blue Manic dive right into the four minute and forty-eight second riveting blues/rocker, “Stoned,” to open up the 5 song E.P. V-32.  Guitars sparkling, resplendent in raw energy – a harder edge on the recording than a couple of performances that this writer experienced. The band appears more earthy from the stage, and though “Stoned” might appear edgier on disc, it doesn’t mean that these guys don’t crank it up onstage.  

The intro goes fifty-one seconds before the story unfolds with rhythm guitarist Max Grebe taking on the lead vocal chores and explaining it in no uncertain terms, Blue Manic exploring a variety of avenues as Corey Downs pounds away on the drums, aided and abetted by the bass of one Jared Greiff.   Mike Tate and Grebe are responsible for the dual guitar blasts with a toughness that is well balanced.  At the 3:25 mark “Stoned” becomes an almost different tune, guitars screaming in a frenzy as the group jams for a minute and twenty three seconds bringing this unique composition to its conclusion.  Impressive, and hard hitting it is followed by the sweet guitars in “You Got It Made,”  Downs’ drumming providing a good undertone to the other instruments.   “Too Late” is manic – perhaps an anthem emulating the group’s moniker.  “Porcupine” could be Black Sabbath gone alternative.  This ensemble reshapes alternative music into a blues/rock blend of swirling emotional sounds. And “Black Dress” puts an exclamation point on that.  They may have Smashing Pumpkins attitude but it merges into what Cream, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith took from their mentors, combining the formula to bring it into the new century.    Not to be confused with guitarist George Conduris’ band Apollo Blue, though a pairing of these two blue bands would be a good thing as they play with the same vigor and intensity.
Get a taste of the V-32 disc on the group’s Facebook page

Previous review on TMR Zoo

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bobby Caldwell of Captain Beyond, Pop Explosion 1/11/17


1)The Temptations   "You're My Everything"

2)Sidney Green Street Band  "Last Beer and Testament"

3)Mobile Steam Unit. "Waste My Time in The City" 

4)Elsewhere "Retreat"  

5)John E Funk. "Elevation"

Frank Dello Stritto on Passengers as well as the film with two titles, Lion and/or A Long Way Home.   Next week: Martin Scorsese's Silence

6)Velvet Underground   "Ocean"

Ed Wrobleski phones in to say HI - Talking Hendrix is "The Best Pre-Recorded Show for 2017"

7)Aarou Chase   Take Me Away

Aaron Chase Interview

8)Banda De Goma  "White Trash Slob"

9)Captain Beyond  "Dancing Madly Backwards (on a Sea of Air)

10)Left Hand Does



Heather Mack Interview 

Charles Berthoud  Luna

Faces  Oooh La La

Peter Calo    Sail Away 


Richard and Linda Thompson