Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017 Pop Explosion Ray Paul Interview


1Marianne Faithful  - Angel  (Fleetwood Mac trib)

2)Zion Rodman - You Won't Know - You're Invited

3)Jo Jo Laine and the Firm - When the Boy's Happy

4)Todd Rundgren  - I Saw the Light

5)The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

6)Time Traveler - Survive

7)Concert Report - Massachusetts

 Ray Paul Interview

Marie Mazzeo of Kitty Connection on the air
Heather Mack guest

8)Procol Harum - Some When

9)Ray Paul "I Need Your Love Tonight"

10)Fred Gillen Jr.  - Where Are You Fallen Angel?

11)Hummingbird Syndicate "Sometimes It Just Gets This Way"

12)Modern Day Idols  "Almost Glad to See You

13)Emmit Roads - "Lullabye"

14)Melanie  "Ruby Tuesday"

15)Concert Report   Mike Feeney / Boston

16) Nico "These Days" 

for Roy Moore
17)Andrea True Connection - More More More

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