Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 16, 2016 Joe Vig Pop Explosion on @ Somerville Community TV

The Joe Vig Pop Explosion  November 16, 2016

1)Crosby, Stills, Nash    "Marakesh Express"

2)Marilyn Manson   "The Dope Show"

3)Barry Manilow  "Venus"

4)April Martin   "One Kiss in the Rain"
5)Jeff Mastrobert   "Recall"

Jeffland interview

6)Stains of a Sunflower    "I Love"

7)Santana  "With a Little Help from My Friends"

8)Bette Midler  "Strangers in the Night"

9)Supremes   "Strangers in the Night"

10)David Bowie   "Waiting for the Man"

11)Jesse / Hogg Brothers  "White Trash Meth Lab"

12)Jimi Hendrix   "Drifting"

13)Phoebe Legere Interview 
The Demo That Got The Deal with Epic Records

14)Kim Carnes   Bette Davis Eyes   acoustic

15)  Phoebe Legere Trust Me
Phoebe Legere is the original Lady GaGa I know for a fact that she watched Phoebe perform in NY night clubs. Phoebe came on the scene with the East Village arts & music scene of the early 80's. Years later she is still performing and knocking them dead. She has appeared in movies, tv and so much more this particular song was released on the CBS label as a 12 inch. I have lots more to tell you about Phoebe visit the Vusicexpress facebook page to find out more about Phoebe and the Vusic Express video collection. You can also find out more about where Lady GaGa got her persona.

16)Jon Butcher Axis  "Wait Until Tomorrow"

17)The Guilloteenagers   50 Seconds

18)The Complaints   "Come Back"

18)Mystics Anonymous  "Dreaming Interlude"

19)Peter Calo  "Sail Away"

20)Keith Linscott   "Will I Ever See You Again"

21)Phoebe Snow  ""In my Girlish Days"

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